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Industrial Products

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  • Polyurethane sheeting is used in a high wear area for abrasion resistance. We make them for rally car mud flaps as well as chutes for mines ect.
    PVC door stops are used to stock something knocking into a wall or prevent damage being done to an item where something could knock into it.
    PVC extrusions are very similar to rubber and will give a perfect product at a better price than the rubber equivalent. We have many profiles and can have a special profile made up at a reasonable cost for a die.
    Rubber feet are used for mounting on machines which will be mounted on floor or a work top to stop the vibration of the machine going through to the surface underneath. Also used to give grip and level out like a scale.
    Rubber sheeting can be used as flooring, cut into shapes and used to protect floors or work tops. Also used for cutting large gaskets and lid seals.
    Silicone is generally used in places where there are extreme temperatures. From oven seals to machine seals or fridge seals.
Results 13 - 18 of 22Show:     Items Per Page