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Industrial Products

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  • These rings and pads are used to transfer vibrations to the brick moulds. This then forms the bricks, removes air as well as compact the mixture.

    Closed cell sponges can be used with or without self adhesive backing depending on the use of the product. Used for protecting surfaces, as a seal or as an edging.

    These seals will keep the wind and rain outside of your wooden windows and doors. Can be fitted with new windows or replacing old rubbers.
    These are also used in high temperature applications to prevent heat passing through ect.
    Silicone is generally used in places where there are extreme temperatures. From oven seals to machine seals or fridge seals.
    Rubber sheeting can be used as flooring, cut into shapes and used to protect floors or work tops. Also used for cutting large gaskets and lid seals.
Results 1 - 6 of 22Show:     Items Per Page