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  • Camber plates covered in polyurethane for cushion effect.
    Is your car struggling to get into gear? Are you missing gears while you drive? Your gear linkage bushes may be worn. The polyurethane bushes we make, make the gear changes much smoother and easier to select the correct gear.
    Remoulding these in polyurethane will make your vehicle more stable on the road as well as making it safer to drive. Reduces the flex so the back of your vehicle does not move around while you are driving.
    Got an old car / truck / bike and cant find decent pedal rubbers? Bring us a good sample and we can mould them for you in polyurethane. Can do patterns or smooth.
    We have made several items for the aviation field including covers and custom items for aircrafts and helicopters.
    Are your engine mountings too soft and flexing too much? With polyurethane inserts we can make them better than new and give your car a better feel when you drive. The insert will fit into your original mounting and make it solid without causing a...
Results 1 - 6 of 15Show:     Items Per Page